Bondi beachfront Penthouse & residences Now Selling 134 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach


A Sydney-based investment house, Princeton has a long history of financing the acquisition of development approved sites and construction loans for residential development projects in Sydney. They finance and develop projects up to a maximum size of 200 dwellings, most recently bringing Eurangi’s exquisite development to Bondi Beach.

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MHN Design Union’s ambition is to create beautiful buildings and environments. They believe architecture is a craft, and they ground all of their design work in this fundamental philosophy. Crafting architecture is at the core of MHN Design Union’s culture, from initial concepts through to the finest details.

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Lawless & Meyerson

Lawless & Meyerson specialises in creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. Each commission is treated individually, collaborating with clients to ensure the project has meaning to its inhabitants and its surroundings, enriching their experience during the design and building process right through to completion.

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Gledhill Constructions

Gledhill Constructions is an award-winning construction company with over 45 years’ experience. They take pride in utilising their impressive history to smoothly navigate the building process. Their passion is in constructing innovative, functional and sustainable spaces for people to live, work, connect and enjoy.

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